Motivation? Where’s That?

I’ve started writing this post about six times, then erased everything. Motivation… I’m not sure if I want to try and give motivation, get you thinking about where your motivation comes from, or confess that this was the least motivating Monday that I’ve had in a while.

Let’s go with all three!

Sound Off – Do You Know Where Your Motivation Comes From?

It can be either inner motivation or an outside force, and, for me at any rate, I find that I need both. Sometimes I need a bit more outer (which is why the espresso shake currently at Tully’s Cafe comes in handy). But sometimes my inner drive of ‘I’m going to get this done’ is enough. I’m probably a 60-40, maybe even a 70-30.

I can come up with ideas, even sit down BIC FOK to bash it out… but then, I grow bored and don’t want to do anything else with it (like, oh, I don’t know, editing. Which is needed!)

First Advice Concerning Motivation – Know Thyself!

Pjysican, heal thyself; Writer, know theyself. Why are you writing? Inner reasons? Outer reasons? When you know them, think about other things in your life that you need to motivate yourself for.

What about you Coffee? 

Me? I’m a sucker for collecting, and I love games. This means that I will continue playing a game, grinding it, so that I can get that last achievement, win that last badge. It also means that when, for example, I see a collectible item, I want to buy it, then get the rest of the entire series. The amount of Fallout stuff I have in my tiny, Japanese apartment is crazy (along with my books, all of my hedgehog items, stationery… I think you get the idea).

So NaNoWriMo? Those badges are awfully shiny!

And of course I have an inner too. I want to finish the job.

These are my books, my stories, and no one else can tell them.

So I’ve got my (semi) balanced inner and outer motivations. Yeah yeah, 70-30, that’s balanced. Like a two legged stool maybe, but it’s balanced.

There are all kinds of places you can go, things you can do to achieve your own balance as well.

  •  – meet other writers and writer together! (some duct tape may be required for the more talkative ones.)
  •  – join word sprints! There are places online where we gather together, set  time limit, then write to our heart’s content.
  •  – Write what you want, then what you need to.

That one’s a little hard. A lot of people think that if they’re working on a book, then they need to stick to writing on that book. Sometimes though, a little ten minute sprint extolling the virtues of spring wouldn’t hurt. Writing a journal to unstick your mind, or even doing a bit of fanfiction. There’s no shame in charging your mind and writing spirit the way that you need to. (Well, just don’t go carving words into live skin or something like that – I think I can say that’s wrong.)

And with any advice, know what doesn’t work, or when you should do it.

  • – If fanfics get your fire going, but you know you need it as an end reward, then treat yourself.
  • – If ten minutes of coal piling, or getting your day off of your chest can free you to write, then do that first.

The trick is – do something, write down the results, and repeat to make sure it works or doesn’t work.

Because experitmenting without taking notes is fluffing around. Add notes, and you’re doing science!

So what motivates you? 

… oh, and as for my Monday today? I found a packet of hard sugar sticks that were made for stirring into cocoa, tea, or coffee. Let’s just call them Sugar Quills, and agree that it’s better not to have them at my desk (they aren’t there now, coincidentally). On the plus side, I certainly work up in the afternoon, after I nibbled about five all of them.