Hello Hodgepodge! (That’s a Confusing Mixture of a Picture at Least)

I had to look through my notes to figure out what I had claimed Wednesday for – Words!

So we’re going to start with one of my favorite ones (I have many)… but which one…?

Should I go alphabetical? Backwards alphabetical?

Okay, I’ve decided to roll a letter die.

The Word of the Day is… Hodgepodge!

noun  hodge·podge \ˈhäj-ˌpäj\

A jumble, a heterogeneous mixture, a potpourri. A confusing mixture as well!

Supposedly comes from the word hotchpotch, which is a thick soup or stew with vegetables, potatoes, and meat.

According to dictionaries, “hotchpotch” is British while “hodgepodge” is an American variant.

I like it because potpourri makes me think of the smell. Okay, okay, it might also sound like hedgehog. Regardless, try to let this word roll off of your tongue. Share it. Use it. Write it!

Okay, Wednesday posts might need to be short (since they’re words), and I have a hodgepodge of things to do, like clean hedgehog wheels. Toodles!


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