Beaches! Word’s Up!

Whoot, it’s Mushroom Tuesday, Kinoko Kayoubi!

So, my word to you.


Good, now that I implanted the thought into your brain, what did you think about?

Me, being a born Floridian (yes, I proudly claim my state even though we have our own Fark tag), pictured crashing waves, semi-rough shell textures right at the beach break where the waves crash, and there’s a very strong, salty smell in the air, but not overwhelming. The sea tastes like salt too, and off in the waves there are fins in the water. Not sharks, just manta rays swimming, enjoying themselves and having a grand ole time.

The thing is? Your readers aren’t where you’re from. So you’re going to need to pack all of those details into the scene to bring them there, and leave them gasping for air on that salty beach. Or… leave out enough so that they imagine what it looks/sounds/feels/smells/tastes like for themselves.

Let’s talk more about beaches!

They’ve been on my mind a lot, probably because it’s summer and Tokyo turns into a sweaty pea-souper. (Thought not deadly like the London Smog, the pea souper of 1952, thankfully, or the Donora Smog Incident either Just sweat. Streams of it.)

So, what came to your mind when I said beach?

  • Florida – sandy beaches, sand dollars, starfish, turtles, hammerhead sharks, dolphins, and rip tides.?
  • Dover – pebbled, white cliffs, English, seagulls eating rats, shockingly cold, brown kelp with polyps?
  • Okinawa – warm, sandy beach with corals, jellyfish warnings, and another warning about some type of horeshoe crab (was it the false stonefish? also, a hotel that has ‘beach hours’ – screw that, give me my waves!)

My point? (Besides all of us wanting to go to the beach now?) Beaches are different from place to place.

♥ Things to Think About ♥

Flora – marram grass (dune grass), palm trees, absolutely nothing green within seeing distances?

Fauna – birds, crabs, oysters, turtles, sharks, dolphins, jellyfish, humans? (go ahead, try to convince me we’re not animals.)

Sunny vs. Cloudy vs. Typhoony?

Shells vs. Ceramic Shards vs. Lego Figures (check out Cornish beaches in 1997)

Tides? Sand Bar? Coral Reefs?

Currents vs. Rip Tides vs. Shallow Bay?

Rivers vs. Pure Beach?

Sand color – pink, red, green, black, orange, white?

Sand texture – gritty, pebbled, glass sand (shows human presence), rocky?

Smell (birds because of a nearby colony? fish? salt?)

Seaweed vs. Kelp vs. Wood

Dunes (or not)

Man-made vs. Natural (oooh, haunted lighthouse… dibs!)

Lifeguards or Not

Knowing this stuff requires research though!

Twitter up some people, chat on Discord with writers, look at the Exchange Stack, find pictures online – there are plenty of ways to make your beach come alive.

Bonus! Random Fun Quiz – 2 Truths and 1 Lie – answers can go in the comments (or you can wait until next Tuesday).

I’ve found these things on the beach

– Broken pottery shards

– Dead sharks.

– A Lego piece!


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