What’s that Fire? Nichiyoubi Nittei!

Whelp, a report needs to see what’s being worked on, what’s on the burner, and what needs to be burnt to Hel.

On Fire 

– Short Story collections (various, random, hodgepodge) – writing down life as it lives on with non-MCs in books.

– Hopefully this blog and #inkdriven on Twitter

– (actually using this Camp to work on editing, as you’ll see below, and not so much on writing at the moment.)

Back Burner

– A Basket Full of Eggs (paranormal romance) => needs outline, restructuring, character study

– Life & Elixirs (fantasy adventure) => needs outline, character study

– Cup of Magic (paranormal new adult romance) => needs outline, character study.

– Droplets of a Selcouth Sky (post-apocalyptic adventure)

Hel Burnt – let’s be Mercy, hopefully they don’t become Reapers.

– Fusion to Fission (apocalyptic romance) [submission rejected]

– Masks (paranormal romance) [submission rejected]

– Pulp Fiction Series (I sounded like a good idea and I have no idea where to start when writing a pulp story).

Rune Readings & Mushrooms

– Key Holder (paranormal adventure)

– Determination (myths)

– Lucky Number Seven (steampunk mystery)

– Layered Magic (unsure)

– Sniper (apocalyptic adventure)

Forging with Thor’s Hammer  

– Misfortune with Vigor (apocalyptic adventure) [July Camp NaNo!]

– rEvolution (new adult sci-fi)

– Bottled Soul (sci-fi? fantasy? I kinda wanna write it both ways and see which one is more interesting).

Nov. NaNo – Lucky Number Seven (steampunk mystery)

  • Outline needed
  • Characters explored
  • As it’s a series idea, that needs to be seen if it can hold itself up​
  • Background / world building


– None to be submitted in July.

– Received 2 rejections in June.

Twitter Tweets (Let’s Play!)

– #inkdriven

– #JulyCampWIP

– #WIPTruthOrDare

– #WIPTunes

– #authorconfession


Annnnd I took the JLPT today. Maybe I passed. Maybe I didn’t. But it’s crossed off of my list until November, when I cry happy tears over my results, or sad tears.


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