I Want to Write ALL the Words! (Join Me!)

July’s Camp NaNoWriMo has started, it’s been thirteen hours and forty-one minutes (not, I’m not counting at all) and I’ve started writing the next post. So, what’s my plan for the month? We’re going turbo! (And if you caught that, we like the same film. Yes, probably going turbo too.)

  • @coffeequills – 2x daily pictures prompts from Japan.
  • #inkdriven – Once a day world-building prompts/ideas/questions.
  • Quill Driver’s Ink – daily blog posts to jump into the cold waters of blogging about writing, words, and everything in between.
  • 30+ hours of R&Ring (revising to resubmit) a novella about power, dragons, and surviving a post-apocalyptic world.
  • 50k of a short story collection of about… (quickly counts) 12 stories?

Oh? I should be writing out those numbers? Yeah, probably (especially if we’re going Chicago style). But they’re in a list, and they seem to like being numerals, so no worries.

What to Plot, What to Write?

I was thinking about a blog schedule, since I do better when following something (usually). It was going well, until alliteration reared it’s hydra head. I’m a sucker for alliteration.

  • Monday Motivation (good, good, we all need it on Monday, and we’ve got the m&ms).
  • Tuesday… ​um, I’ll get back to that one.
  • Wordy Wednesday (nice, I like it, and I’ve been finding some good words lately).
  • Thursday…. ugh, another ‘t’
  • Friday Foto! (I know the ‘ph’ comes from phôs meaning ‘light’, but I always liked the uncommon ‘fotos’. It seems cute.)
  • Saturday… huh, was not expecting to be bad at ‘s’ words.
  • Sunday … annnnd another ‘s’.

Looks at schedule. Hey, Coffee, give up on the alliteration. No! Never!

Alliteration Allons-y!

  • Tuesday = Kayoubi.
  • Thursday = Mokuyoubi
  • Saturday = Doyoubi.
  • Sunday = Nichiyoubi.

Second verse, same as the first!

  • ​Kayoubi Kinoko (Tuesday’s Mushroom)
  • Mokuyoubi… well junk. Back to the drawing board on this one!
  • Doyoubi Daifuku (Saturday’s Great Fortune – or Bean Jam Rice Cake)
  • Nichiyoubi Nittei! (Sunday’s Schedule [junk, there’s my ‘s’ word!)

Thursday. You’re starting to be a pain in the keister. Ooooh, wait. I think I got it!

ψ Thursday => Thor’s Day = Days of Thor! ψ

Sweet. Days of Thor are going to be for editing, grammar, and ways to hammer a manuscript into an even better one.

Heheh. ‘Hammer’, get it?

You can’t be here if you don’t like puns by the way. I’m a Punk.

Okay, so we’ve got our (tentative) schedule thrown up.

Definitions… for Now

Monday Motivation = Ways to motivate ourselves, feeling good for what has been accomplished and not worrying about what else needs to be done. Look in a mirror Coffee. *ahem* Moving on.

Mushroom Tuesday/Kayoubi Kinoko = The fertile ground/world building needed to grow stories like mushrooms! With maybe a hint of hallucinogenics, I mean, come on, we’re writers, we’re imagining things already.

Wordy Wednesday = Words. And more words. Hopefully some you haven’t heard of and that you want to take home and write with.

Thursday/Days of Thor! = Manuscript hammering with grammar, dialogue, and any other information I find, get, need.

Friday Fotos = I’ll put up two (at least) as prompts

Saturday’s Sugar/Douyoubi Daifuku = Randomness that can/will consist of art projects, NaNo songs, book reviews, super cool projects, etc.

Sunday Scheduling/Nichiyoubi Nittei = Reports, progress, future projects, submissions, etc. Maybe even bullet journaling.

Let the writing, editing, plotting, decaffeinating begin! よろしくお願いします!


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