Hello World!

Thrice quilled,

Thrice spiked

All coffee? 

All nice.


Humph. Seven words doesn’t seem like the best of introductions.

Let’s see about expanding this. 

Thrice quilled – with a writing quill, a hedgehog, and cinnamon.

Thrice spiked – with alcohol, the addition of something highly reactive (moi), and my hair… at least when the stylist doesn’t say that cutting my hair would be a waste and doesn’t do it. (Actually, what she said was  神は長い長いです。もったいない。but I won’t write my bad Japanese if you don’t mind a quick translation.)

All coffee? Okay, I think I’m on a four or five cup a day habit now – that’s much better than my seven cup + 2 energy drink one. But I was working four jobs then, getting up at 6am and getting home at midnight, and so glad that’s behind me. Anyhow, gimme coffee, the bitter the better!

All nice. No Shelter from this Storm sweetie, and I’m Hufflepuff through and through. Which means I’m as sweet as あんこ when I’m happy, but don’t back me into a corner, ’cause that’s when things are gonna start hurting.

Words. Wordy-wordy words. I’m a writer by night, which will bring me to the second point of this blog, and an editor/proofreader of translations by day (ewwww, contracts!). Words are like salt-water taffy for me, fun to stretch around, play with, and see how they taste on your tongue. Thrice, case in point. Or だいだい in Japanese. I pick the ones I like and keep them alive for a little bit longer. Hodgepodge. Gleaned. Eclectic.

Oh, and you can call me CoffeeQuills by the way. You can use that moniker to find me out and about on the Internets.

Quill Driver’s Ink

Which brings me to this blog. I, along with many others, am a Quill Driver. My ink is either in my notebook or being sipped at, but here’s where I’m going to start bringing things together. Fun twitter stuff. Book reviews. Ways to help keep the writing afloat in the ocean of life, ’cause I know when the current grabs me it’s all I can do to get 450 words down.

Ahead be ramblings, musings, sketching, blotting, tweeting, and certainly coffee swilling. ‘Cause I think I live on coffee at this point.

Coffee, all of this sounds cool, what’s your schedule going to be like?

Busy. Oh, you meant my update schedule. Well, tomorrow is Camp NaNoWriMo, so we’re going to go crazy. All of July, you’ll get something a day, and I’ll figure out the days/posts that I want to stick with afterwards.

Twitter is where I’m most active right now, with twice daily writing prompts from everyday pictures I take in Japan. Oh, and starting July 1st, I’ll start on Twitter (look for the #quilldriven) a build your world question/activity series. Feel free to join, it’s open to all!

I’m also on Pinterest (the eater of time) because it’s something I can do without getting kinetosis on the train twice a day as I travel to the office.

So yeah. Join me. I don’t have cookies, but I have coffee. And words.


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